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We believe that every child has the right and deserves the opportunity to grow and learn to the fullest extent possible. When your child is admitted here for residential care (including some short-term stays), we will work with you and your local school districtís staff to ensure special education services that best help your child to grow and learn.

Through Cedarcrest School we provide a year-round, state-approved special education program integrated with nursing support. Our program, based on the New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks, accommodates as up to 20 students (ages 3-21). Most of our residents attend Cedarcrest School, although some go out to local public schools or other special programs. We also enroll a few local day students who are cared for at home but who require intensive nursing support during the school day.

Our special educators will work with parents and representatives of local school districts to formulate an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each child. The IEP outlines target goals in curricular areas as well as appropriate objectives for development of sensory, large and fine motor, and communication skills.

Children routinely use a wide range of mobility and communication devices in the classroom.ñ from touch-screen computers to TOBII Eye Gaze to iPads to Smart Boards ñ as a means of developing in students a sense of autonomy and encouraging interaction with those around them.