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Project Description


Transitions are an inevitable part of life for all of us.

Children with complex medical and developmental needs are no strangers to transitions. Changes in providers, procedures, equipment, or service settings all require planning and teamwork to ensure that your child’s medical and developmental care continues without interruption, and that stress on your child and your family is minimized.

At Cedarcrest Center, we are good at that kind of planning and teamwork. Whether your child is being admitted for a short stay between hospitalization and home, or making a transition from home-based care to facility-based care, we will support you through the emotional and practical challenges confronting you and your family members.

Cedarcrest Center is licensed to provide care and education for your child through age 21, but most transitions away from the Center occur earlier and need to include plans for both medical care and educational services.

We will be responsive to your requests to initiate planning for transition at any time, but, certainly by your child’s early teens, a transition team (including you) will create and regularly update a plan that addresses the following questions:

  • Where will my child live?
  • How will my child’s educational needs be met?
  • How will my child’s medical and developmental needs be addressed?
  • What community resources will my child have access to?
  • What specialized equipment will we need to consider?
  • What funding resources will we have access to?

Our goal is to work with you, your child, and your family, in collaboration with providers, community organizations, your local school district, and state and regional agencies, to identify and clarify the options that exist for your child after Cedarcrest Center. Our goal is to support you through the transition, as you leave one support system behind and build another.