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Project Description


As families care for a child with complex medical and developmental needs at home, they sometimes need access to temporary residential nursing care — respite care — for a few days, a week or even a month. Cedarcrest Center’s short-term stay option is designed for those times.

A short-term stay can be an important care option when a family emergency arises, when a gap in home nursing coverage occurs, or when a family simply needs a break. A short-term stay can speed rehabilitation or help stabilize a child medically following surgery or during a transition from hospital to home. Sometimes, a short-term residential stay can also maximize opportunity for a child to remain at home long-term supported by community services.

Each short-term stay at Cedarcrest Center is developed collaboratively with a child’s parents or guardians, primary care physician and specialists, and the Center’s medical director and director of nursing services. During a short stay, your child will be included in all aspects of our residential program, with participation in school programming at the discretion your local school district.

Prior to your child’s discharge, our staff will work with you and your family, caregivers and other providers to assure your child’s smooth transition home.