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Project Description


At Cedarcrest Center, we care for children who come to us with high-risk medical conditions and multiple disabilities. Some need specialized medical care as they transition from hospital to home; others are admitted for specialty evaluations or post-operative care; still others require longer term intensive nursing support. Our comprehensive program of services for children who are medically and developmentally complex includes high-tech support for children who are ventilator-dependent or who require IV therapy or continuous oxygen support, as well as management of gastrostomies and tracheostomies, and seizure disorders.

Cedarcrest Center has a capacity of 26 residents, from infants through age 21. We are New Hampshire’s only licensed provider of post-acute care for children under three years of age. We provide children individual attention and professional expertise in a warm, home-like setting, where we also offer a supportive environment for their families. Families of children we serve have come to value us for our exceptional medical care, but, as importantly, they cherish us for our tender, loving care.