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Project Description


At Cedarcrest Center we have a long tradition of encouraging, building, and supporting best practices among those who provide services and care for children with complex medical and developmental needs. We are an information and training resource for medical providers, special educators, therapy professionals, our own staff, and parents or other direct care givers.

Professional Workshops. Cedarcrest Center provides opportunities for advanced learning for special educators, therapists, and medical professionals on our staff and in the wider community. We partner with other organizations to host conferences, hands-on workshops, and health-related training. Past offerings have included:

  • Neuro-developmental Treatment, Sensory Integration, and Motor Learning in Pediatrics
  • Oral-Motor, Feeding/Swallowing and Respiratory Coordination and Function
  • Assistive and Augmentative Communication Technology
  • ThAIRapy Vest
  • Effective Strategies for Working with Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss

Clinicals and Internships. As a site for clinical rotations for students in several nursing programs, we offer prospective nursing professionals exposure to pediatrics and to caring for children with medical complexity. We have ongoing relationships with programs at Keene State College, River Valley Community College, St. Joseph School of Nursing, and Vermont Technical College.

The Center also offers clinical affiliations for students in rehabilitation therapies, as well as internship opportunities for area college students pursuing academic studies in nutrition and dietetics, social services, special education, and psychology.

Caregiver Training. As part of our Community Benefits program, the Center offers or hosts training programs for parents and other caregivers as the need arises, such as LNA preparation, sessions on feeding and swallowing, on G-tube and tracheostomy management, and on communication and educational technology.

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