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Project Description


Nowadays many children with complex medical and developmental needs can be cared for at home with community-based supports and services. But sometimes circumstances make that option impossible for families.

Cedarcrest Center provides sub-acute residential care with skilled nursing support, therapy services, and special education for up to 26 children, infants through age 21.

Children may be admitted for several weeks, months, or even years, for a variety of reasons:

  • Limited community resources and services, especially in rural areas
  • Changes in family structure or circumstances that impact care-giving capacity
  • Increasing medical needs that alter the level of at-home care required
  • Increasing physical demands of providing at-home care for a growing child
  • Need for extended rehabilitation following surgery or for hospice care

Whatever the situation, Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities collaborates with other community providers to ensure a continuum of care to meet your child’s medical and developmental needs, and to address your family’s particular circumstances.

Cedarcrest Center welcomes admission inquiries from families, physicians, discharge planners, nursing agencies, school districts, area agencies and state agency representatives. If your child is referred for admission to Cedarcrest Center, we encourage you and your family members to visit to learn more about our services first-hand.

Prior to admission for residential care, each child is evaluated by our director of nursing services, therapists, dietician, and special educators, as well as others our medical director may designate. Upon admission, a team including parents or guardians, Cedarcrest staff, a representative of your child’s home school district (for children of school age), and other providers, develops a Total Plan of Care specific to your child’s stay. We welcome family visits anytime during a child’s stay with us.