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Project Description

Just as you make an outright gift to benefit the children who live at Cedarcrest Center now, you can make a difference in lives that follow with a gift to benefit children who will be at Cedarcrest Center in the future.

By arranging a bequest or other planned gift, you can establish a lasting memorial to a friend or loved one, or creat a lasting tribute to your family or others, that will stand as your legacy.

Gifts by will or bequest. Making a gift by will or bequest is the most popular way to create a lasting legacy.  Since a bequest is completed only at the death of a donor and/0r  surviving beneficiaries, it is also the easiest gift plan to change or modify.

Creating a bequest to Cedarcrest, Inc., involves the execution of a new will or, more typically, the addition of a codicil to an existing one.  You may name Cedarcrest, Inc., an outright, residual or contingent beneficiary of a specific sum or a specific percentage of your estate, at your death or after the deaths of other beneficiaries.

For sample bequest language to discuss with your family and your attorney, read our Bequest Fact Sheet.

Other planned gifts.  We would be pleased to discuss your interest in other gift opportunities as well — life income gifts, gifts using insurance, or gifts involving real estate.  Such gifts not only can stand as your legacy to future generations, but can actually benefit your heirs and reduce estate tax liability.  We will gladly provide illustrations of how a variety of gift options might work in your specific circumstances.  Let us know how we can help.

For assistance information or assistance in strict confidence, please contact:

Patty Farmer, MBA, CFRE