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Project Description


Cedarcrest Center offers a full range of therapeutic services for children. Our staff therapists work with parents, physicians, school district staff, clinics and agencies to ensure well-rounded therapeutic experiences that carry over into other aspects of a child’s life.

We can also provide therapy and evaluation services on a contract basis to school districts or agencies in circumstances where local personnel resources cannot provide all the therapy specified in a child’s IEP, or where particular services are unavailable.

Areas of Specialty

PHYSICAL THERAPY: Neurodevelopmental therapy, developmental therapy, adapted equipment, orthotics
OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: Sensory integration, feeding assessments, adapted equipment, fine motor skills development
SPEECH-LANGUAGE THERAPY:  Receptive/Expressive language delay, phonological disorders, augmentative/alternative communication

Staffing. Rehabilitation services at Cedarcrest Center are provided by licensed full-time occupational, physical and speech-language therapists, as well as licensed therapy assistants in each area.

Project Details