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Project Description


Residential Program. Cedarcrest School, certified by the New Hampshire Department of Education as a special education provider, is a year-round component program of Cedarcrest Center. The School serves up to 20 students, ages 3-21, most of whom are residents of the Center.

At Cedarcrest School, our program is built around New Hampshireís Curriculum Frameworks. In each of the school’s three age-grouped classrooms, we adapt the general program to the specific goals of each student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Our staff collaborates with each student’s parents or guardians and with special educators in the studentís home school district, as well as with other providers, in developing the IEP.

We integrate physical, occupational, and speech-language therapies with each student’s educational program throughout the day, including focus on sensory stimulation, large and fine motor skills, and activities of daily living. We further adapt each child’s program to include appropriate augmentative communications systems and mobility devices. In addition, we make use of an array of educational technology resources, including SmartBoards, touch-screen computers, and iPads.

Each year we document student progress through the New Hampshire Alternate Learning Progressions Assessment (NH-ALP) and the Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Alternate Assessment System.

Day Students. Several children who live at home with their families in the Monadnock region attend Cedarcrest School as day students because of its specialized education program with integrated intensive nursing support and therapy services. Cedarcrest School is in session year-round, so day students have an opportunity to participate in an extended school year program specifically tailored to meet their needs.

Staffing. Cedarcrest School is directed by a certified special education administrator and each classroom is staffed by a certified special education teacher with support of one-on-one education assistants, most of whom are also licensed nursing assistants (LNAs). A Cedarcrest staff nurse serves as school nurse each day to provide support and administer medications for students.

Referrals. Cedarcrest School responds to inquiries from families and accepts referrals from local school district staff with the informed consent of a student’s parent or guardian. When we receive an inquiry or referral, we invite a prospective student’s family and IEP team members to tour the Center, visit one of our classrooms, and meet with our staff. For most students, enrollment in Cedarcrest School is concurrent with admission to Cedarcrest Center for residential medical care; for both residential and day students, admission decisions reflect a thorough review of a child’s educational, therapy and medical needs.

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