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Continuity of Care & Admissions

Our admissions process begins with an inquiry from a family member, physician, discharge planner, nursing agency, school district, area agency, or state agency representative. An inquiry typically occurs through a phone call or email with Kristin Targett, Director of Social Services.

An inquiry may be for one or more of a variety of stays:
-long term,
-short term,
-post-operative care,
-and emergency.

The continuity of care for the child is paramount and we do all that we can to ensure the stability of the child’s medical and emotional well being.

Once contacted for a referral, our director of social services, Kristin Targett, will gather information from the family member or the referral source about a child’s medical profile, developmental diagnosis and care needs. She will ask the child’s family, medical providers and local school staff to share vital information to help us understand the child’s specific needs.

Resources gathered for an admission include: a copy of forms for consent to treat and to obtain/exchange information, HIPAA, consents for the local hospital/ambulance service (if needed), check list of belongings, information about the child’s daily routine as well as likes and dislikes.

Our admissions team, which includes nurses, our director of social services, medical director, director of rehabilitation services, and director of special education will then meet to learn all about a child’s medical and care programming requirements and whether Cedarcrest Center is the best place for continuity of care.

Members of our team will meet each child before any admission, either at the Center or at another location such as a hospital. As the admission team determines that Center can provide the level of care, education and therapies for a child, the child and his or her family visit the Center to meet with the care team. As a family meets with the care team, they are encouraged to share as much as possible about the child’s routine and care prior to admission to ensure a smooth transition.

While admissions are generally planned over a period of weeks, Cedarcrest Center is able to respond quickly to emergency admissions on a space-available basis… sometimes within a few hours.

Families are encouraged to apply for admission regardless of funding options. Due to the child’s medical complexity and diagnosis, funding for long-term or short-term care stay is typically provided through Medicaid or health insurance.

For the majority of admissions, the next step is to complete all relevant paperwork, so that we may verify Medicaid and/or private insurance benefits and obtain prior authorization. Any stay at Cedarcrest Center, long-term or short-term, requires that a physical exam be completed by the child’s doctor and that physician’s orders be submitted five days prior to the planned admission.

We know from experience that at times, all the forms and documentation required can feel overwhelming for families, but the social worker is available to answer questions and help complete the admissions packet.

Transition and Continuity
When a child arrives at Cedarcrest, the social worker, nursing director and a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) welcome the child and his or her family or representative together. Children bring their own clothing and personal items, which we carefully inventory. Each child will be introduced to their bedroom and roommates. Their room is selected by the nursing staff based on level of critical care and social needs. Rooms are colorfully decorated with hand made quilts and wall decorations (boys and girls) and each child has their own personal area within each bedroom. Depending on the anticipated length of stay; age of the child and educational arrangements, the child and family will be introduced within the Cedarcrest School.

The team also takes care to make certain each newly admitted child’s family is comfortable with the nurses and therapy staff who will care for their child; the getting-to-know-you phase is important to a successful transition for child and family. After admission, most families are able to visit often and get to know the staff. Cedarcrest hosts family events throughout the year that bring all the families together.

Although every admission to Cedarcrest Center is different, the one constant is that each child’s well-being is always at the forefront of everything we do. It’s all about the children!

Please contact Kristin Targett, Director of Social Services for more information. 603-358-3384 or